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14th October 2003
  • Hmm, 2 weeks since the last update and it's time for Tech. Demo 3. Check it out now. I'm most pleased with the Thrusting Particles and Vector Numbers, not bad for me.

    3rd October 2003
  • Just like to do some advertising for a WebSite I'm involved in. If you want to re-live the feeling of Gaming in days gone by take a look at the top Remote Link on the left of here. Visit Way of the Rodent and enjoy. Thanks.

    30th September 2003
  • About time for another update !! I have been busy with other things (playing Burnout 2 on my Gamecube etc.). But this week I have managed to get another Tech. Demo finished for my on-going Trigonometry research. This one has a couple of new elements, a rotating/thrusting spaceship, little thrust particles and screen wrap. Please take a look on My Games page.
  • It was my birthday earlier in the month and one of my friends thought it would be clever to find out my age by looking on here in the About Me page, pity I ain't done it yet, you know how it is some thing just never get done because there are far better things to be getting on with. I'll get it done at some point but don't hold your breath.

    29th August 2003
  • Major breakthrough in my Tank & Turret research early this morning, or late last night depending how you look at it. I have managed to get up Variable Sized, Variable Coloured and Variable No. of Sided Geometric Shapes all floating about on the Screen. What was remarkable was the speed at which I got it working, I had the previous code do just 4 sides Sqaures al the same size, and a few lines of code later and it's so much more flexible. Check out the ScreenShot and Download the Tech. Demo from the 'My Games' page.

    19th August 2003
  • Added the YakYak Forum Link. This is the Forum that's associated to the LLamasoft Software Company. But since it's inception over 16 Months ago it has become more a lot more than that, and is now a thriving community of very friendly people.
  • I did some Games work today with my Vector game Tank & Turret. Although still a test-bed for me getting used to Trig Functions, I have managed to get a bunch of Rotating Squares to glide around the screen.

    12th August 2003
  • Started HTML Work on this site. The design has been sitting on my Work Hard disk for about 2 Years, but now I have my own domain it's time to get on with it !!
  • Added the 'My Games' page, with details about my 3 current Blitz Basic projects. This includes Screenshots and Download links.

    6th August 2003
  • Finally registed my new Domain -

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