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Shooter My first attempt at a REAL-TIME game using Blitz Basic. It's a simple shooting game where you have to avoid & shoot 6 different types of attacking planes as they travel down the screen towards you. You start with slow bullets but 'PowerPills' can be picked up to give these extra speed, diagonal direction and even 2 addition guns. Control is all done by the PC Mouse. Download Beta 0.5
Blitz Manic Miner Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum is one of my favorite games of the time. This update is intended to bring that game back to life on the PC using Blitz Basic. It will include all the extra screens enjoyed by other Computer Platforms that the game was released on. These include the Dragon 32, Amstrad CPC, BBC B, MSX and Oric-1. I will also be including a whole new set of levels designed by me. Download Beta 0.5
Tank & Turret My first foray into 2D Vectors. Currently re-learning Trigonometry. Tech demo 1 shows I have a basic grasp of Sin and Cos to rotate constanst geometric shapes around the screen. Download Tech Demo1
Demo 2 shows I can now do full vector based designs and make them rotate and move about under the player's control. It's starting to look like a game. Download Tech Demo2
Demo 3 is really starting to make it look quite nice. New features are the Vector Font for all Numbers on the Screen, a StarField. The major jump forward tho. is the correction of the Thrusting System, so it works correctly. Oh the Thrust Particles are rather fetching. Download Tech Demo3

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